Gotham Base Ball Club 2015 Preview

Press Release
Release Date: 3/10/15

Press Contacts:
Ben Levinsohn (Collector)

Charles Klasman (Bugs)

March 10, 2015
The Gotham Base Ball Club has posted its 2015 schedule on the team website. New Jersey dates kick off on May 16th at the Paramus Public Library where the Gothams will play the Hoboken Nine in an historic double header.

Both clubs can trace their history back to the 1840s where at Elysian Fields the New York Nine and the Knickerbockers played what many refer to as the first recorded game of base ball in 1845.

The Gotham and Hoboken will recreate the games in vintage form playing by the rules of 1864. Fouls are not strikes and the Arbiter(Umpire) is not obligated to call every pitch. Balls caught on a single bound record an out while crossing home plate will tally an “Ace”.

Players will compete in period attire and if the need arises to hurl insults it will be in 19th century fashion. These are just some of the differences of the early days of base ball, that’s right, two words.

The Gothams also have upcoming games in Paterson, Waterloo, Spring Lake and Garrett Mountain in 2015. Players and spectators alike are encouraged to attend the games and enjoy the game as it was once played: no steroids, no gloves and before gambling was discouraged. The games are competitive but authentic.

Spectators are encouraged to attend in vintage attire. Those who are interested in trying their hand at the game may contact the team directly through the website. New players with average to strong skills are encouraged to try out.

For more detailed and up to date schedule information refer to for complete details on the team, the games and the full schedule.

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