Options for Choosing Youth Baseball Bats

Baseball is one of the most popular sports for children these days, and not surprisingly, since baseball can help hone the coordination abilities of a child, as well as nurture team spirit and encourage a healthy spirit of competition.

As such, there are many options for choosing a baseball bat for your young one, and many, sometimes opposing opinions as to which is best.

What is very important in choosing any kind of bat for your child is comfort, so make sure that he or she can handle it well, without having to put extra effort in using it.

You should also try avoiding buying top of the line gear just to make sure, through spending more money, that the child will have an increased performance.

In fact, performance is achieved through hard work and dedication and thinking otherwise, and especially having expectations that your child will do better than the others just because he or she has the most expensive gear is ludicrous and unfounded.

The measurements of the bat must for one thing fit the child’s build and be suitable for him, weight and length wise, and for another, must abide by the regulations of the league he or she is playing in. In general, the maximum width of a baseball bat for youth leagues is 2.25 inches.
Youth baseball bats can be made from a series of materials, from wood to aluminum and all sorts of other alloys.

The most important thing for a youth baseball bat is, aside from its hardness, to be very light, because young players don’t have the force to handle extremely heavy bats.

At one point, the general rule for youth baseball bats was that the bat should be as light as possible, but more recent opinions say that making the bat overly light for a child can lead to performance issues in the future, and as such, these opinions state that a youth baseball bat should be sufficiently light so as to be easy to use, but not lighter.

The weight of a youth bat can vary between 18 ounces (for young kids of around 70 pounds) and 23 ounces (for kids with a stronger built and a weight of around 150 pounds) for the 11-12 year old youth league, and between 16 ounces (for kids weighing around 48 pounds) and 19 ounces (for kids up to 60 pounds) in the 8-10 year old youth league.

The length of a bat for youth leagues as usa youth baseball bats can range from 24-26” (for 7 year olds and above) and up to 32” (for 14 year olds). It’s not recommended to get a child a bigger bat than his or her build allows for because it can work against your goal. Not only will the child experience great difficulty in playing the game, but there is a great chance of him developing distaste for it and giving it up.

Be careful when buying a baseball bat for your child and only do so after careful consideration and after having the child try out the potential bat extensively, to make sure that it really is suitable for his or her needs.